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Like the thought of storing your vehicle in a warm garage over the winter? Have a workshop you need heated? We can make it happen! Let Clear Skies Plumbing take the chill off the cold winters, with a space heater. Here are just a couple of options available to heat things up:

Clearskies Plumbing Edmonton Heater

Infra-Red (tube) Heater

These heaters provide a comfortable and consistent heat source. The radiant heat given off by these heaters is a directional heat, which makes it ideal for a location with people working at say a bench, or in a shop. Although it would take a little more time to heat up a larger space, it also heats up the objects in that space, so the area retains the heat better if a door or window was opened. Infra-red heaters are also great for outdoor use, in such places at a patio or an outdoor sitting area.


Clearskies Plumbing Edmonton Htr UnitUnit Heater

Unit heaters are great for heating up spaces quickly. Because this is a forced air heater, the heat is usually lost quickly when doors and windows are opened frequently, but depending on the size of the space you are trying to heat, unit heaters can generally recover the heat fairly quickly. Unit Heaters are great for garages and workshops.


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